Bochum 2005

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Baskı Tarihi: 14 Şubat 2012 / İstanbul
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During 1525-1530 dramatic historical changes were taking place in German lands. The peasants were revolting against the landlords under the slogan “Bread and Liberty.” The severe polarization of Catholic and Protestant Churches was deepening into a grim social crisis.

Amidst this social turmoil, two people were fighting to preserve their idyllic feelings for each other. They didn't need land, possessions or the mindless freedom of wild animals governed by the law of the forest.

The true love of Matthias and Zingara of Coburg will be never forgotten as their love was a monument to honesty and trust. Their love will not be forgotten because…

“Everyone has a love,

And each love has a story…

But no one ever had Zingara

And love like Zingara's …”